When it comes to commercial refrigeration, the quality of the equipment you choose can ultimately make or break your business. Comfort Services is a leading provider of refrigeration products, high industry standard installation, and continuous follow-up services. When working with Comfort Services, our clients are guaranteed individual and first-rate service that will allow for your refrigeration units to maintain your desired temperature.

When dealing with commercial refrigeration units, there are two basic categories:

  1. Walk-in Refrigeration Units – Walk-in refrigerators and freezers are commonly found in convenience stores, restaurants, institutional kitchens and other businesses. The walk-in refrigerator is essentially a small room that you can walk into. The walk-in refrigeration unit is equipped with shelves or other equipment that make it easy to organize whatever you want to keep inside.
  2. Reach-in Refrigeration Units – Reach-in refrigerators and freezers are smaller, and allow you to simply reach-in to grab what you need. These units often have doors or open tops. The sizes of reach-in refrigerators vary. A small community church may need a smaller unit vs. a local elementary school.

Purchasing a commercial refrigeration unit is a large investment. Our years of expertise and honest service have proven that our team is not interested in obtaining a high price from you, but rather in providing the best service possible. Let Comfort Services help you evaluate what your needs may be so that we may offer reasonable solutions for the type and size of unit you may need.

For more information and to schedule a visit to talk about your refrigeration needs, please give Comfort Services a call at (815) 385-0700.